Monthly Archives: May 2015

Biologist expects ‘fair, modest’ turkey season

Warm, mild weather has greeted turkey hunters during the first week of the spring season, and Brad Allen, a wildlife biologist for the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, predicted those hunters will enjoy “a very fair, modest hunt” this year. The reason for Allen’s lukewarm assessment: The state’s turkey population has fallen in […]

DIF&W backs off on cow moose proposal in WMD 9; 2,740 permits up for grabs this year

In response to local concern in the Greenville area over a proposal to add cow moose permits in Wildlife Management District 9, the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife reversed course on Wednesday and finalized a plan that will not allow for hunting cow moose in that district this year. In addition, a proposed […]

White groundhog spotted in Stockton Springs

Mother Nature is full of surprises, and it’s not uncommon to see wild critters that just don’t seem to look like their peers. That was the case recently, as Lynn Nickerson of Stockton Springs saw an animal waddling around near her house. Her friend snapped some photos, Nickerson sent them to me, and asked the […]

Coastal smelt fishermen need to be aware of new rules

Late last week I received an email from Jeff Nichols of the Department of Marine Resources, who asked for some help in helping to educate smelt fishermen who might be inadvertently breaking new rules that are in effect. “I’ve heard from a number of folks in the department that people fishing for smelt are unaware […]

Our Maine Heritage: Old Town canoes bound for Disneyland, 1956

It’s no secret that Old Town Canoes are known worldwide, but this picture from the past really cements that fact. As the caption explains, a worker at the venerable Old Town company was working on a pair of 30-foot war canoes that would be used by tourists at an attraction called “Disneyland.” Disneyland itself was […]

Here’s a great idea: Seal-shaped man swims with sharks

Not long ago, my wife and I decided we’d spend April school vacation in Florida, so that my stepchildren could spend time with their Nana, and so that I could sunburn my pale carcass and lie around on the beach. Maybe she didn’t pitch the idea exactly like that. But right after the “Nana” part, […]