Monthly Archives: February 2014

Bangor Deadly Luge’s grim reapers survive toboggan challenge

When the first child hid behind his mother’s leg, cowering in fear, I might have had the first inkling that convincing co-workers to dress up like death himself (or herself) might not have sent the friendly, “we care about you” branding message that I’d intended. Later, when our second BDN toboggan team had applied their […]

BDN teams to join hundreds at Camden toboggan races

A year ago, against my better judgment, I became one of hundreds of participants during the 23rd annual U.S. National Toboggan Championships in Camden, joining my co-worker Aislinn Sarnacki on a two-person sled. The best things I can say about the experience: First, I survived. Second, my teammate and I were so slow, we weren’t […]

Ever see a beaver and a lynx hanging out together? Now you have

Over the past few weeks readers have shared their photos of one of the state’s coolest critters, the Canada lynx. But the shot reader Brian Donaghy of Unity sent along may just take the cake. Here’s what Donaghy had to say: “I’d like to submit a nice lynx photo that I pulled from some video […]

Odd tracks in the snow: What’s your explanation?

Somewhat unintentionally, over the past few months the “Out There” blog has become a clearinghouse for odd photos, unexplained events, and generally outdoor oddities. That’s fine with me. Spend enough time outdoors, I figure, and you’re bound to find things that stump you. I recently received an email from Ed Ford of Hermon, who had […]