Monthly Archives: November 2012

Milo 14-year-old’s first deer a 221-pound 13-pointer

There are a lot of big deer in the Maine woods. Hunters prove that every year, as a few tag bucks that weigh in at better than 250 pounds, field-dressed. There are a lot of deer sporting impressive headgear in the Maine woods, too. The photos I receive each fall certainly prove that. And when […]

Things you find in the woods never cease to amaze

During hunting season a year ago, I carried a camera for the first time, and snapped photos as I wandered the woods looking for deer. Never did find the deer. But I did end up taking some photos that people found amusing … or alarming … or downright sickening. Like the recliner that someone discarded […]

Have a successful hunt? Donate some meat

As many of us get prepared to spend another  (hopefully cooler) Saturday in the woods, now might be the perfect time to start thinking about what we’ll do after we enjoy a successful hunt. Sure, we’ll drive to our buddy’s house and show him our deer. Sure, we’ll call the meat-cutter and tell him we’re on […]