Monthly Archives: September 2012

Loose moose not part of hunting plan

Several weeks ago, I asked you to share your moose-hunting horror stories. As I’ve often heard (and as so many of my relatives and friends have related), once you find yourself a moose, and shoot that moose, it’s entirely possible for your moose hunt to go south in a hurry. Sometimes the burly critters splash […]

Any-deer permit lottery set for Friday

On Friday, Mark Ostermann of the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife will push a magic button on his computer keyboard. A couple hours later, the list of this year’s any-deer permit winners will be complete. And after a couple more hours of tinkering with the data to make it searchable for readers, we’ll […]

Lynx takes a dip at Brassua Lake

Michele Richardson has seen a lot of different critters during her nearly weekly trips to her lot on Poplar Hill on Brassua Lake. There’s the raccoon that visits each night, eager to find a way into the trash can. There were the mother bear and her three cubs that decided to take a dip in […]