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Readers respond with winter camping hints

A week ago, I may have hinted (or begged) for help from BDN readers. If you missed that column, here’s the short version: My bosses decided that they were going to send me out into the cold, cruel world, and expected me to sleep in a snow shelter that I’d build myself. “Great story!” they […]

Why do my bosses want me to sleep outside in the freezing cold?

  I need help. Some of you probably already assumed that, so let me be more specific: I need your help. To be even more clear, I need your help so that I can avoid freezing my tail feathers off, or dying of carbon-monoxide poisoning, or in an avalanche of my own making. Here’s why: […]

Allagash winter camping registration to open

Many Mainers would never consider trekking into some of the most remote parts of the state and camping out during the winter. For others, doing just that is part of a winter tradition shared with friends and family members. And for them, and important date is approaching, according tot he Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation […]