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Diehard Mainers take advantage of extended woodcock season

For years, Maine bird hunters in search of woodcock had just 30 days — generally the month of October — to do so. After years of study and discussion, that all changed in 2011. “Last year we lobbied the [U.S.] Fish and Wildlife Service, with some colleagues of mine, for an extension of the woodcock […]

Coyotes not a factor in incidental take discussions

For years, the question cropped up regularly at meetings of sportsmen and sportswomen around the state, and for years, then-commissioner Roland “Danny” Martin of the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife offered similar responses. The question: When is the state going to restart its coyote-snaring program? And the answer: Not before the state receives […]

Lynx permit up for discussion; Who’ll show up?

Utter the words “incidental take permit” at a meeting of hunters in rural Maine, and you’re likely to get an earful, as state and federal officials are sure to find out in the coming weeks. Those hunters have long memories, you see. And many of them will tell you a primary reason the state’s deer […]