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Try again: ‘North Woods Law’ debut bumped forward one more time

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: ‘North Woods Law,’ the hit Animal Planet TV show, will return for it second season. Soon. In fact, it’s coming back sooner than I told you two weeks ago. It’s even coming back sooner than I told you a week ago. Yes, Animal Planet has changed its schedule […]

‘North Woods Law’ second season starts Jan. 31

Ever since “North Woods Law” made its Animal Planet debut last year, I’ve been fielding calls and emails from fans of the TV show that focuses on the work done by Maine game wardens. And since the initial six-show run ended, the top question has been pretty straight-forward: When can we expect to see new […]

‘North Woods Law’ trailers are worth a look

I’ve heard that I’m not alone: Many of you are eager to see what the new TV show, “North Woods Law,” ends up looking like. As I’ve reported a couple of times, Engel Entertainment, a production company, has put together a show featuring members of the Maine Warden Service. And as we’ve reported, the first […]