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Need a harbinger of spring? Outdoor show season is approaching

When we get a snowstorm every two or three days (which seems to be the pattern recently), it’s easy to get discouraged with Maine’s winter weather. Since I’m all limbered up after yet another shoveling expedition, I thought I’d share some good news: Spring is coming. Kind of. Or at the very least, one of […]

BDN Maine Outdoors prepping for Augusta show

During late winter and early spring, many outdoor enthusiasts (and those who sell goods and services that may appeal to the outdoor set) spend a lot of time on the road, traveling to expos that are held throughout the region. We here at BDN Maine Outdoors aren’t among the most impressive road warriors: Some vendors […]

Outdoor shows fast approaching

On a day when overnight temps dropped to 20-below in some sections of the state, it seems appropriate to shake off the chill and start thinking warm thoughts. In these parts, nothing says “warm (er) weather” like an outdoor show. After a long Maine winter, the expos serve as a harbinger of spring, or, at […]