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Hundreds pour in for moose-calling finale

Here’s a photo for you to ponder. Big crowd, eh? If I told you this photo was taken at 2 p.m. in Oquossoc, and you’ve been following Out There all day, you might think that folks are gearing up for the Rangeley Lakes Region Moose Lottery. And you’d be half right. These folks are on […]

BDN Maine Outdoors sharing the pub in Oquossoc

For the rest of the weekend the BDN Maine Outdoors crew — Pat Lemieux, Aislinn Sarnacki and I — will be keeping you informed about the goings-on in the tiny Maine town of Oquossoc, site of the Rangeley Lakes Region Moose Lottery Festival. But first, we had to do a little bit of “pub” business. […]

Rangeley pulling out the stops for moose lottery weekend

Over the years, Mainers have flocked to the annual moose-permit lottery, where they’d sit on folding chairs, listen to the monotonous recitation of names, and hope that theirs would be among the lucky winners. In time, towns and civic organizations began vying for the privilege of hosting the event. And as each new town welcomed […]