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65 percent — an all-time low — of Maine moose hunters filled tags in 2014

From left, Scott and Alex Humphrey, 13, stand next to a moose that Alex Humphrey shot Monday morning on the first day of the 2014 moose hunt. Brian Feulner| BDN

Learn About Tableau The state’s moose hunters struggled to fill their tags in 2014, recording the lowest success rate — 65.3 percent — since Maine’s modern moose hunt began in 1980. The state’s moose biologist said a number of factors played roles in a relative lack of hunter success. Still, moose hunters have far better […]

Furor over eagle cam seems to have subsided

    Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream Earlier this week, web camera viewers from across the country demanded that Maine biologists intervene on behalf of an eaglet that they said was in distress. The Biodiversity Research Institute, which manages the camera, and the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife said they would not […]

Anglers sought for brook trout survey project

Do you like to fish in spots where you’re not likely to see any other anglers? Do you like to hike into to remote ponds, just to find out if you can coax a brook trout to your fly? Do you want to help provide crucial information to biologists and conservation groups as you enjoy […]

Maine biologist: State’s moose herd is thriving, national population concerns complex

The opening paragraph of a Washington Post story that appeared on the BDN website on Tuesday was quite dramatic, especially here in Maine, a state where moose are an iconic critter that help fuel the tourism and hunting industries alike. “Moose in the northern United States are dying in what scientists say may be the start […]

Peregrine falcon set free along Kennebec

It didn’t take long for a peregrine falcon to rediscover his wings on Monday, as a young male bird was released into the wild after a two-month rehabilitation stint. According to a Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife press release, the falcon was released at a site along the Kennebec River, where it immediately took […]

Moose are out and about

After a couple weeks of steady sunshine and the consequent spring green-up, it’s no surprise that the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife has issued its annual warning, advising motorists to keep an eye out for moose in the state’s roadways. Yes, folks, it’s that time again: Moose are out and about. And if […]

Proposed fishing regulations up for debate at hearings

Most of the state’s anglers won’t pay much attention to this column. It’s easier that way, after all. It’s easier to sit by and let fishing laws be changed by others. It’s easier to ignore the fact that there are some pretty substantial changes being proposed by the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, […]

Youth Deer Day set for Saturday

Back in 2001, state wildlife officials mulled a proposal — one that was established by the state legislature — to give youth hunters a day of their own. Among the ideas that were pondered at the time: Holding a “Youth Deer Day” on the last Saturday of September … or on the traditional residents-only opening […]

Biologists: Banner year for northern Maine bird hunting

A year ago, bird hunters returning from trips into the North Maine Woods shared (somewhat annoying) good news with their pals who had chosen not to invest the time to head into the state’s huge expanse of commercial forestland. OK. I may have been one of those pals who had stayed home. “You should have […]

Biologist familiar with 520-pound bear, offers an update

If you haven’t read the story about Jeff Hilton’s 520-pound bear, do so now. Otherwise, this post might not make much sense. If you have read it, and want to find out more about the burly bruin, I’ve got an update that you might be interested in. Randy Cross, a biologist for the Maine Department […]