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Big buck stories draw thousands of readers. Why?

A few weeks back — as yet another “big buck” story ran wild on the Internet, generating thousands of page views an hour — my editor asked me a question that should have been quite simple. Why do so many people want to read about big dead animals? Unspoken: We can write touching, heart-warming stories […]

Got deer? Herd of 25 surrounds Jeep in snowy Eastport

Dan Daley of Calais and his wife, Shannon, headed to Eastport on Saturday, Feb. 14, to check out the massive snowbanks in town. While on their trip, they found themselves in the middle of a large herd of deer not far from the center of town. Dan Daley said there were about 25 deer in the group that ended up surrounding their Jeep. (Photo courtesy of Dan Daley)

With yet another winter storm approaching, Dan Daley and his wife, Shannon, woke up Saturday and decided to hit the road for a day trip. “My wife and I love taking rides in the Jeep,” he explained. “Some people forget to be tourists in their own backyard. Eastport is just a half hour away, so […]