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Brewer man’s first deer: 19-point ‘Millvale monster’

Ben Thibodeau of Brewer has been hunting in Maine for the past three years with his father-in-law, Byron Dill, and admits that until this year, he’d had exactly zero luck. “The last two years, I never saw a deer on that property [that I was hunting on opening day],” Thibodeau said. [Dill] would go out […]

‘Down East Dickering’ star spices up Youth Deer Day experience

When Dana Carey took his stepson, Dawson Byers, into the woods of Orrington on Saturday morning, he was pretty confident that they’d have a productive Youth Deer Day. He wasn’t aware that the welcoming committee at the local tagging station, Bob’s Kozy Korner store, would include a reality TV star. “That was pretty cool,” the […]

‘Your outdoor friend’ grows up, cherishes her outdoor memories

Almost a decade ago I began receiving semi-regular dispatches from a junior hunter who loved spending time in the woods. Come spring, she’d bag a turkey, and send along the photos to prove it. In the fall, she’d typically fill her deer tag, and write the details of her successful hunt and email it along. […]

Biologist expects banner Maine deer season

Maine’s deer herd was reeling after brutal back-to-back winters between December of 2007 and March of 2009. Biologists said that during the first severe winter, as much as 30 percent of the state’s deer may have died. Recovery, many cautioned, would take a long time. At least years. Decades? That wasn’t out of the question. […]