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Does the HSUS want Mainers to kill more bears?

As we get closer to Election Day, the battle over Question 1, which would ban the use of traps, hounds and bait while hunting bears in Maine, is heating up, and tension is starting to build. At least one state wildlife official is being protected, around-the-clock, by a Maine game warden after receiving threats. Debates […]

Non-resident hunter says he hopes Maine’s bear season continues

Last week, I wrote a column that outlined my thoughts on the upcoming referendum that would ban the use of traps, bait and hounds while hunting bears. The main point: If voters choose to ban the methods we currently allow, they’re essentially paving the way for a state that harvests very few bears each year. […]

Bear season starts slow in some spots

A few weeks ago wildlife biologist Randy Cross was cautious when he described the conditions bear hunters might find in the Maine woods this season. After nearly two weeks of hunting, it seems that Cross’s prediction might be coming true. “Typically with bear hunting we have strong bait years and weak bait-hunting years,” said Cross, […]

Ke$ha not a fan of Maine bear hunt

The group that hopes to ban the use of bait, traps and hounds by Maine bear hunters has announced a major endorsement by a celebrity who will appear in concert on Bangor’s waterfront Friday night. Who knew Ke$ha even knew about Maine bear hunting practices? “I am proud to endorse Mainers for Fair Bear Hunting, […]

Bear season looms; boom year of 2012 tough to top

On Monday afternoon hundreds of hunters will head to their stands on the opening day of bear season. Many will successfully fill their tags. Others — 70 percent of hunters, on average — will end the season without a bear. One thing is certain: Those hunters will have a tough task in front of them […]