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Bear crew recaptures 442-pound male|

At this time of year each spring, wildlife biologist Randy Cross and a team of his colleagues spend a few weeks in the woods, looking to enlist new black bears in the state’s ongoing bear research project. Sometimes Cross receives a welcome surprise, when bears he “met” before return and temporarily are captured with a […]

4 years, one man, and (eventually) a 520-pound bear

The not-so-subtle grumbling from some bitter folks began a couple of weeks ago when I wrote a blog post about a 600-pound bear that a … gulp! … Indiana man had bagged in the Maine woods. Out-of-stater, some online wizards spat. Comes to Maine. Hires a guide who does all the work. Never been on a […]

One more big Maine bear: NY hunter bags 522-pounder in The County

When you’re bear hunting, sometimes it pays to stay put, even when you haven’t seen any critters approach your bait in days. Just ask Matt Knox of Pennsylvania, who used that tactic while hunting with guide Steve Monroe of Grand Slam Guide Service last week, and bagged a state-record 699-pounder. Some times, however, a little […]