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Bears got you scared? This product may help

Over the past few weeks, Mainers have once again learned that they have burly neighbors wandering through their backyards at night, desperately seeking snacks. Nothing new there. Each spring, as black bears begin to forage, they check out their surroundings and look for snacks. Easy-to-find snacks. Handy snacks. Snacks that many of us unwittingly make available […]

Bears from Orono tree den still active, getting bigger

Back in March, during the Eastern Maine Sportsman’s Show, I told you about four bears that were found inside a hollow tree on Stillwater Avenue in Orono. The bears were discovered by the homeowner’s pal, who had been practicing archery and was looking for an errant arrow. Turns out the archery target was right next […]

Hunter may have captured Orono bears on trail camera in August

A mother bear and a cub visit Tim McCluskey's Orono bait site in August, 2013. (Photo courtesy of Tim McCluskey)

On Sunday, wildlife biologist Randy Cross invited me to tag along on an impromptu visit to a bear den in Orono. Inside a hollow tree, we found four bears — three hefty yearling cubs and their mother — which had decided to camp out for the winter within 50 yards or so of a landowner’s […]

Biologist explains run on big Maine bears

Over the first two weeks of this year’s bear-hunting seasons, a number of large bears have been shot by hunters here in Maine. Indiana hunter Richard Paro went home with a 600-pounder that he shot in Township 39. Ben Cottrell of New York bagged a 522-pounder while hunting in New Canada. And Matt Knox of […]

Don’t give bears a reason to visit

Ah, spring. The flowers are blooming. The bees are buzzing. The sun is shining. And the bears are out in your backyard, eating all your bird seed. I can hear you now: “Bears? I don’t have a bear problem! We don’t have any bears in our neighborhood.” Don’t be so sure. Bears have recently awoken from […]