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DIF&W’s moose permit lottery sign-up now open

Want to go moose-hunting this year? Want to go on the hunt of a lifetime? Want to make lifelong memories with family members and friends? Me, too. But you can’t win if you don’t play. And the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife has announced that it is now accepting applications for its annual […]

Thanks a million! BDN ‘Out There’ blog hits a milestone

Our creative promotions staff had its work cut out for it in turning me into a snowboarder for an upcoming ad campaign. I may have fallen down before I got to the "W" in "VIEWS." (BDN graphic by Shelley Sund)

Since you “Out There” readers are responsible, I’ll make you among the first to know: We all reached a pretty significant milestone today. And I can’t thank you enough for your support. At about 2 p.m. today, one of you pushed the blog over the 1 million page-view mark. We have a vibrant blogging community […]

Bangor Deadly Luge’s grim reapers survive toboggan challenge

BDN Outdoor reporter Aislinn Sarnacki and Outdoors Editor John Holyoke, members of "Bangor Deadly Luge." (Photo by John Holyoke)

When the first child hid behind his mother’s leg, cowering in fear, I might have had the first inkling that convincing co-workers to dress up like death himself (or herself) might not have sent the friendly, “we care about you” branding message that I’d intended. Later, when our second BDN toboggan team had applied their […]

BDN teams to join hundreds at Camden toboggan races

A year ago, against my better judgment, I became one of hundreds of participants during the 23rd annual U.S. National Toboggan Championships in Camden, joining my co-worker Aislinn Sarnacki on a two-person sled. The best things I can say about the experience: First, I survived. Second, my teammate and I were so slow, we weren’t […]

Readers explain Benedicta ice circle: It was caused by an eddy, or by deer chasing their tails

Up in the Aroostook County town of Benedicta, there have been some strange goings-on. Or maybe the goings-on have been remarkably normal. That’s for readers to decide. And that’s why I shared Alvin Martin’s photo of an ice circle with BDN readers last week. Many enjoyed looking at the photo and trying to figure out […]

New Animal Planet show “Cold River Cash” focuses on Maine elver fishing

Move over “North Woods Law.” Animal Planet is launching another Maine-based reality TV show that looks like a winner. It’s called “Cold River Cash,” and it it focuses on three teams of Maine fishermen who spend 10 weeks  a year trying to earn thousands of dollars fishing for glass eels, or elvers. Animal Planet sent […]

All I want for Christmas is an interview with Stephen King

A few weeks back, our editors here at the Bangor Daily News challenged staffers with a pretty cool question that was designed, I imagine, to inject a little bit more excitement into the newsroom. “If you could write any story from any beat, what would it be?” they asked. Well, bosses, I’m glad you asked. […]

Lack of permit doesn’t hinder catch-and-release moose hunt

For 33 years, Maine’s moose hunt participants have been determined at a popular lottery. After that, celebration … Or disappointment. You don’t win a permit, you don’t hunt. Or do you? My buddies and I got tired of waiting. We missed hunting camp. Wool jackets hung on nails … cutthroat games of cribbage … lonely […]