Monthly Archives: November 2017

Maine hunters: What do you think about the U.S. ban on elephant trophy imports?

Late last week, the Trump administration announced its intention to begin allowing the importation of “trophies” taken from African elephants, a practice that had been banned in 2014. Over the weekend, that decision became more muddied, as the president tweeted his intention to study the matter more fully before any ban was lifted. Today, the […]

4-year-old’s first ‘hunt’: Dad bags a 15-point buck

Braylynn Mitchell has been eager to accompany her dad, Jason Mitchell, on past hunting trips, but her mom wouldn’t allow it … until this year. “I was always hesitant,” admitted her mom, Kendra Wilder of Bradley. “This was her first hunting trip.” When the opening day for Maine residents rolled around on Oct. 28, Wilder […]

Retired Maine game warden pilot receives top FAA award

Retired Maine game warden pilot Gary Dumond on Monday received the Federal Aviation Administration’s most prestigious honor, the Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award, according to a Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife press release. Dumond, who lives in Eagle Lake with his wife, Pauline, was a game warden pilot from 1972 until 1992, but […]

8-year-old describes first successful deer hunt in a letter

In one of my favorite traditions, Maine deer hunters are usually pretty eager to tell their local outdoor writer their tales from the field. And as those stories continue to make their way to my desk, I’m happy to share them with BDN readers. Today’s tale is especially cool, as you’ll see. Hunting is not […]