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Big ol’ buck: Oakfield 14-year-old bags 247-pound, 11-pointer

Logan Swallow, 14,  of Oakfield shot this 247-pound, 11-point  buck in Smyrna on Youth Deer Day. (Photo courtesy of Jeff Swallow)

For the past four years, Logan Swallow of Oakfield has spent Youth Deer Day with his uncle, Jeff Swallow. And for the past four years, they’ve returned at the end of the day without a deer. That all changed on Oct. 22, when the duo teamed up on the hunt of a lifetime. Jeff Swallow, […]

Enter your deer in the BDN Biggest Buck contest!

Ben Thibodeau poses with the deer he shot in Bucksport on the opening day of the hunting season in 2015. He said he did not hunti growing up and this is the first deer he shot since taking up the activity three years ago. At left are Thibodeau older daughters Mirabel, 5, (left) and Zoe, 8. (BDN photo by Gabor Degre)

Each year, I’m happy to share several deer hunting stories with BDN readers. This year, that tradition will continue … with an exciting twist. Starting today, we’re encouraging successful hunters to enter their deer in the BDN Biggest Buck Contest. The rules are quite simple: Your deer has to have been shot in Maine. Deer […]

For us, deer season is a reunion in the woods

Chris Lander of Orrington checks out the location of a ground blind during an advance scouting trip. (John Holyoke|BDN)

Before first light on Saturday morning, thousands of Mainers will roll out of bed, gather up their gear, and head for the woods, where yet another epic opening day of deer season awaits. At least, that’s the plan. It might be snowy, or wet, or windy, or cold. And it just won’t matter. We’ll be […]

Pittsfield 12-year-old bags buck on his first day of hunting

On Saturday, young hunters across the state took part in the state’s Youth Deer Day, an event designed to encourage children to head into the woods with their parents or other qualified adults on their own “opening day” of deer season. I headed to Bob’s Kozy Korner in Orrington to gather a few stories, and […]

Warden shares new information about abandoned boat

This boat was dumped in the woods of Otis. Have you seen it before?  (John Holyoke|BDN)

A week ago, I told you about a large boat that had joined the list of odd things I’ve found discarded in the woods. The boat was about 18 feet long, and it had been tucked into a turnout in woods that my buddies and I are lucky enough to hunt each year. We regularly […]

Mainers believe that mountain lions walk among us

Last week, I shared an email from a reader who was sure she’d seen a huge black cat lurking in the woods in the coastal village of Corea. The BDN reader had no photos to back her claim, so I put the question to a Maine wildlife biologist, who explained what the woman may have […]

Things you find in the woods, Part 400

A boat that has been left in the woods of Otis. (John Holyoke|BDN)

First off, let’s clear one thing up: I have not posted 400 photos of odd things I’ve found dumped in the woods. It only seems that way. Rare is a day, in fact, that I head into the (supposedly) pristine forests of Maine when I don’t find something that’s not supposed to be there. Like […]

A dog’s life: Pup learns the ways of the woods, and finds a bird

Pete Warner (left) of Bangor and Chris Lander of Orrington flank Teddy, an English cocker spaniel, on a day of bird hunting. (John Holyoke|BDN)

TAUNTON AND RAYNHAM ACADEMY GRANT, Maine — As he trotted through the leaf-littered forest floor, Teddy — an English cocker spaniel — put his nose to the ground, weaved around blowdowns, hopped over branches, and did exactly what we hoped he’d do. He hunted. The bell attached to his collar tracked his progress and provided […]

Fendler’s tale, and its message, never grew old

Captain Donn Fendler shows "Lost on a Mountain in Maine" to his son, Dennis , 8, during a visit to Palmyra in July 1962. BANGOR DAILY NEWS PHOTO BY DON BROUGH

Why did Donn Fendler spend the last 30 years of his life visiting Maine school children, reliving what may well have been the most embarrassing event of his life? “I did it because I owed Maine,” Fendler told me two years ago, as we sat outside his camp on Newport’s Sebasticook Lake. That’s one way […]

Hunters hit the woods for second week of moose season

The second moose to arrive at Gate Way Variety, the Ashland tagging station, in 2015 weighed in at 830 pounds. Shot by 16-year-old Jaxson Marston of Harrington, the bull had a 19-point rack with a 42.5-inch spread. Linda Coan O'Kresik | BDN

If you missed out on the tagging-station excitement at the end of September, don’t fret: You can still participate — vicariously, at least — in this year’s moose hunt over the coming days. After a week-long break during which bird hunters had the woods essentially to themselves, the second group of moose hunters headed afield […]