Take an advance look at the Katahdin Woods & Waters promotional video

When Lucas St. Clair spoke to a Bangor crowd two weeks ago, he promoted the idea of a national park in Maine, which would be situated on land that had been purchased by his mother, Roxanne Quimby.

And while debate over that potential park continues, St. Clair wants people to head north and begin enjoying the land — some of which would become a park, some that would be a national recreation area — that Elliotsville Plantation Inc. has already opened to the public.

St. Clair is the president of EPI, the private foundation that owns the land. In September EPI opened access to 40,000 acres for hunting and began making improvements, including a loop road, on another 60,000-acre parcel that would increase public access.

At that Bangor meeting, St.Clair rolled out a new video promoting the area, Katahdin Woods & Waters Recreation Area.

Early next week, that video will be released statewide, but today, the BDN is happy to show it to you today.

“The Katahdin region offers unmatched four-season recreational opportunities,” St. Clair said in a news release that included the video. “Last fall we increased access on 100,000 acres of land. Now we want people to visit the region and see for themselves just how amazing this place is.”

The videography is stunning, and I suspect the video will help answer a couple of common questions that I’ve been hearing ever since Quimby started talking about turning some of the land into a national park.

Specifically: “What’s so special about that piece of property?: And: “Would it be scenic enough to succeed as a national park?”

Take a look at the video and let us know what you think.

John Holyoke

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