Muskie magic on the St. John

A photographer friend recently came to me with a request: Can you do something with my pal’s fish photo? He’s pretty proud of this muskie.

When I saw the photo, I agreed that “something” could be done.

So here it is: More proof that those looking to tangle with a huge fish in Maine might want to think about heading to the St. John Valley (or, for that matter, the St. John River itself).

Brad Plourde of Fort Kent (right) caught a 48″ muskie weighing 30 pounds in the St. John River in July 2012. At left is Brad’s brother Bart Plourde. The muskie was released. Photo courtesy of Ben Straubel

That’s where Brad Plourde of Fort Kent (the guy on the right, who is trying to avoid losing a few fingers) caught this 48-inch muskellunge in July. Yes, it’s a long river. Yes, saying “he caught it in the St. John” is pretty vague. No, I’m not going to tell you any more than that … mostly because Brad wouldn’t tell.

The muskie weighed in at 30 pounds, and was released.

The smiling guy on the left is Brad’s brother, Bart. The photo was taken by Ben Straubel.

Big fish. Big fun. And a big start to another busy blog week — did I mention that I’m tracking two massive bears that I hope to be able to tell you about soon?

Stay tuned.


John Holyoke

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